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The power-up stage
Get your project management turbo-charged with our suite of integrations and extras, designed to enhance your workflow.
Connect Xero to Streamtime project management software
Connect all your favourite apps to Streamtime with Zapier
Connect all your favourite apps to Streamtime with Zapier

Everything, connected

Connect your favourite apps and automate workflows saving you precious time. With Zapier and Streamtime you can connect up to Slack, Google, Outlook, Jira, Office 365 and many more.

Pull the trigger
Create jobs and tasks, track sent quotes and invoices, and sync your calendar from many of your favourite apps.

Get wayahead of the game

The clever cookies at wayahead can help you go one step further with your Streamtime setup.

If you're looking for off-the-shelf or personalised reports for team performance, forecasting, cashflow or more then you can signup to Wayahead for a free trial.

Whatever you want, however you want it

Our public API is your gateway to all of your data in Streamtime. With a little bit of help from your very own IT Crowd you can create your own reports, invoices and tailored integrations with other tools and apps.

The future is already here. We just haven't released it yet.

We never stop thinking, testing, researching and plotting. Our mission is to create a Streamtime that helps you to achieve a healthy business, making healthy profit, with healthy people. Get an insight into what's coming up here.

You’ve come full circle.
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