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You’re thinking: Great, but what’s the damage?

First off, you need to see it for yourself. Start for free, run a couple of jobs or projects, invite some team members and try us on for size.

Then get in touch. We want the price conversation to be the easiest part of signing up for Streamtime, not the most painful.

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Option 1

Fix your price

Going on a fixed price plan means you can invite all of your team; contractors, bookkeeper, even the office dog.

You can customise your plan with the features you need. Plus there are no additional charges for another 'license' and no cursing when you spot the freelancers in the system that left your team 6 months ago – but you’re still paying for.
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Option 2 — Pay As You Go
If you’re not interested in a fixed price plan then you can just choose our all inclusive, per person plan, and we’ll leave you to it. Pay annually and we'll take 10% off.
and you'll get a 10% discount because you're a friend of a friend
Option 2 - Best for freelancers
The Tiny Plan
You’re used to going it alone. You’re used to pay as you go. Don’t let us stand in your way. This is an entirely self-service, self-support, all by yourself way to get into using Streamtime (don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of juicy resources to make you a Streamtime pro in no time). You can always upgrade to the less Tiny Fixed price plan later.
and you'll get a 10% discount because you're a friend of a friend
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What do others pay
for Streamtime?

Your business is unique, so each Streamtime plan is too. Take a look at these examples to get an idea of how a fixed price plan might work for you.

Find our what agencies pay for Streamtime
Branding & Design Agency
Optimists building brand and digital for impactful companies.
PR Agency
A global agency that delivers tech PR and marketing.
Production Company
This production company specialises in film and animation
Advertising & Creative Agency
This advertising & creative agency from Australia joined Streamtime in 2021 and runs all their projects (internal and external) through the system. Think over 150 jobs per month!!
Brand Design Studio
An Auckland-based award-winning agency focuses on strategy, design, creative and digital projects for some of New Zealand’s top brands.
Research & Design Firm
This design firm’s calling card is data visualisation & infographics
Architecture Practice
An award-winning architect studio in the heart of Melbourne.
Video Production Agency
A video photography agency on a mission to make life better for their team and clients.
Marketing Consultancy
This strategic business consultancy helps businesses identify their ideal customers, discover their value proposition and optimise the buying journey.

What will I pay?

Streamtime project management software payment options

What do you think it’s worth? We try to price Streamtime based on the value that it brings to your company.

When we put together your personal price we'll ask you a few questions. We're not being nosey, we're just trying to get you set up with the best chance of success. Our aim? To help you be happier and more profitable by the end of your first year in Streamtime.

Not interested in any of that? No problem...you can just scroll back up, choose our all inclusive, per person plan, and we’ll leave you to it.

To put together your personal price we'll ask you about:

  • How many different clients will you work with this year?
  • How much revenue are you likely to invoice?
  • How many projects are you hoping to run?
  • How many people are in your team?
  • Which parts of the product will you use?
  • Which accounting package do you use?
  • What type of reporting do you need?
Chat to us about a fixed price plan
FAQs —

I’ve still got questions

So how much is it per user?

How much is Streamtime?

You’re welcome to pay per user, but the likelihood is once we understand your team or business better we can put a price together that reflects the value you’ll get, not just the number of bums on seats.

Sign up to a monthly plan

What else do I get?

How much is Streamtime?

You want more? Why not have the shirt off our backs as well! Actually why not...for extra special customers (like you) that can probably be arranged, as well as all the other things below:

  • Unlimited team training sessions and personalised on-boarding in your first three months
  • Ongoing in-app chat support
  • Access to weekly webinars
  • Access to new feature beta tests
  • User research calls (you can play a big part in Streamtime’s development!)
  • Time tracking on the go with our iOS app
  • (Awesome) Streamtime swag
Chat to us about a fixed price plan

Can I try it for free?

How much is Streamtime?

Of course you can! Better still, we don’t even need your credit card to start. Just sign up and you’ll get a free trial, with access to all the features of Streamtime. But here’s a handy hint - we find our customers are far more successful if they have a demo with our (super friendly) team first. Book one today and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

What do I get?

Whatever you need.

Streamtime has everything you need to run
a creative business, an in-house team, or any professional services business. But, to make it easy for you, here's a list. Because, well humans love lists, right?

Ready to give us a go?

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