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We help our customers manage projects, teams and their business to make a healthy profit with happy people. Job planning, time-tracking, scheduling, quoting, invoicing, reporting and the odd kanban board—you name it, we've got it.

The future of timesheets for creative agenciesJob management for design studios
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Manage To Do's and track your time on creative projects
“Brilliantly designed, intuitive and elegantly simple. The shift from time sheets to to-do lists is simply genius.”
“The combination of being able to schedule my team, see availability and manage my own time seamlessly is awesome.”
“We have built our business with Streamtime for 10 years. Love the upgrades, love the support service, love the product.”
Anya Lorimer, Campaign Edge Sprout
“The best creative studio manager on the market by a long shot – simultaneously simple yet able to handle the multifaceted needs of my business.”


Project management for agencies
If you run an agency, plan jobs, schedule teams, create estimates, send invoices and track profitability—where have you been all our life!?
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Streamtime for In-house Teams
So much to do? So little time to do it? In-house teams use Streamtime to schedule tasks quickly and easily in real-time. Not only do their team's love our drag and drop tracking, but it's easy to prove productivity and value to the 'higher-ups'!
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Streamtime for Architects
For an industry with such high regard for design, logic and intuition, Streamtime is fast becoming a no-brainer for architects. Find out why many leading architects are turning to Streamtime to run their practice.
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Renegades with accolades
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