Healthy businesses make a healthy profit with healthy people.

We're not just a software company. We truly give a shit about the creative industry and the people within it. We've worked in the industry, seen and shared in the ups and downs, and genuinely want to help make it a better place to work and thrive.

Sure, we can help by making great software that doesn't suck the soul out of your day-to-day. But we don't stop there. We strongly support communities and initiatives that help improve mental wellbeing, recognition for creatives, and emerging talent.

We’re for the creative industry, creative founders, creative leaders, creative directors, wannabes and supporters.
We’re for
a healthier industry: giving a shit about keeping teams healthy while making a healthy profit.
We’re for saving time, so that you get to work on your business and not just in it. We make software that works for you, and not the other way round.
We’re for burying the dreaded timesheet deep, deep, deep in the ground once and for all, at the same time as giving you more accurate data on how and where you’re spending time.
We’re for sharing the highs and the lows. We get what it means to be recognised and rewarded for success (our latest 2020 Webby, a D&AD Pencil), and giving you a virtual high five whenever we can.
We’re for being a Zoom away when you need help, a chat, some advice, or just another perspective. After 18 years in the business, and having run, worked in and even started an agency we’re here to share it all whenever it helps.
We’re for giving 2020 the chance to redeem itself after all those talks and presentations that in no way predicted this clusterfuck.
We’re for
100% agreeing that, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
We’re for healthier creative businesses.

And let’s face it, we’re nothing without you.

Never Not Creative supports the creative community

Never Not Creative is an initiative to address issues in the creative industry.

Mental Health

Never Not Creative has spearheaded industry leading research, connected creatives with industry leaders and psychologists, and helped to create Minimum Standards for mental wellbeing in businesses. In co-founding the Mentally-Healthy Change Group we've helped to improve the confidence levels of people in our industry to speak up and get help and support for their mental wellbeing.

Asking For A Friend

A monthly initiative in collaboration with Youngbloods Australia and the Mentally-Healthy Change Group. On the first Thursday of every month at 12.30pm AET we combine an industry leader and a psychologist to answer anonymous questions. The questions that people do not have the confidence to ask at work for fear of being passed up for opportunities or worse, how they might be treated by others.

Coming to UK/US timezones in 2021, you can watch all the past sessions here.

We built the site for the Mentally-Healthy Change Group which collects expert mental health resources across the internet, reports on the research conducted by Everymind, Unltd and NNC and shares stories of industry leaders and their unique mental health journeys.

Minimum Standards for mental health

Streamtime has signed the Mentally-Healthy Minimum Standards and we encourage all of our customers and creative businesses to do the same. The Minimum Standards help to legitimise conversations around mental health in businesses and help employees to understand what they can expect from their employers.

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Research into the mental health of the creative industriesMinimum Standards for mental health in creative businessesAsking for a friend mental health event

Healthy Business Events & Programs

The Road To Recovery

Our latest event focused on the turbulent journey of 2020 and what agency leaders have been experiencing. We never do anything half-hearted and so were delighted when Tom Tapper of Nice and Serious and Pam Scobbie of Wire joined us. The challenge we set? Tell us the most transparent story you can of the events of 2020 and how you tackled them. Their accounts were backed up by data from over 500 agency owners relayed by Peter Czapp of The Wow Company.

The highlights are below or you can see –
all the talks in full here.

Healthy Business Webinars

Healthy profit webinar for creative businesses

Improving client profitability

We unpack the best practices for setting up the right kind of client relationships, negotiating better prices and creating a relationship that's healthier for you and your clients.

Watch now.

DIY business health checks for creatives

DIY business health check

One of our most popular articles and webinars focuses on you and your business. What questions should you be asking yourself and your team? Who's making you money? Who's losing you money? Where should you spend more of your precious energy and time to reap the rewards?

Read / watch now.

Check out our upcoming webinars.

Online course for creative agency leaders

Online course for agency leaders

If you own or run an agency, now might be the time to take a look at your past, present and future. Participate in our online course to evaluate what makes you profit, what makes you happy and how to keep your business healthy.

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