Stronger Better Happier Agency Program – by Streamtime and Design Assembly

This program has been designed to help you step back and take a strong detailed look at your business. You’ll evaluate the health of your business, remind yourself of why you started the business in the first place and see how you’re doing now vs what you envisioned at the start. 

Then, you’ll create your new (or revitalised) vision for the future and the next steps plan to get there. There’s a good chance that the goalposts may have moved since you started. Or that recent events have caused you to reassess your business and what you want to achieve.

This program combines our individual experience of running Streamtime, Design Assembly and working with agencies like Interbrand, R/GA, and For The People, as well as the shared experience of working closely with hundreds of Streamtime customers and Design Assembly friends for more than 10 years.

We’ll also be using these connections to bring to you unique and personal insights from founders of agencies such as Studio South, Dow GoodFolk, Alt Group, Ocean Design and more.

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Course Contents

Part 1 - Evaluate

Module 1 - DIY Health Check

This module starts with some scene-setting. We walk you through how to do a health-check on your business. What are your key performance indicators? Who makes you money? What drives your reputation? How is your work, team and clients supporting this? What does success really look like? What score would you give yourself and your business out of 10? We provide you with worksheets and questionnaires that you can give to your employees and clients and anyone else who’s opinion you’d value in the process.

Module 2 - Reflection

You’ve taken a good hard look at yourself and your business. This next step is an essential check-in. How are you feeling right now? What did you discover? Are you happy with what you found? What do you need more of, and what’s holding you back? This will also be the perfect time to check-in with the rest of the community, you’ll come away from this module, full of insight and clarity.

Module 3 - More of this. Less of that

This module is designed to help you interrogate what you found in your reflection and health check. It’s a deep dive into what makes you and your business tick. And then, we help you with a really simple exercise. Based on your findings what would you like to see more of? And what would you like to see less of?

Part 2 - Create

Module 4 - Creating Your Future Business

After all of this reflection… it’s time to start making a plan for the future. Module 4 is titled, Creating Your Future Business. What do you want to look like? What will you stand for? We’ll help you to write your legacy statement - what you want to leave behind for the world with the success of your new business. You’ll write new pitch slides for a new client, and write a new recruitment ad to attract the types of people that will align with your vision for the future.

Module 5 - Your Model

In Module 5, we focus on Your Model. What’s the right model you need to achieve your vision? What do projects look like in the future? What are your rules of engagement with clients? How do you make sure that the rest of your team understand how to run your business and make the decisions that you would. This process needs to be constant. Not a one-off that you’ve made time for, but a way of working that helps you to do more working ON your business rather than just constantly in it.

Module 6 - 100 Day Action Plan

And finally, Module 6. The 100 day action plan that gets you forming the healthy processes, habits and decision making that set you on your way to achieving the dream of your ‘NEW’ business. You'll prioritise tasks, create milestones and build the Reimagination story and plan to share with the rest of your team.

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Details & Registration

This course is shared through a mix of Teachable modules (learning platform), Slack (community) and Zoom calls. By clicking Register you will be taken to the Teachable platform to fill out your details and add payment.

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Start date:

March 22, 2021

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